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Who will be the "Most Wanted Live-Act 2012!" ???


By the deadline the band FOSHAG took in third place with 196 fan votes, Renya took in second place with 238 fan votes, closely followed by the newly-crowned winners JimTonic with 257 fan votes.

Not only JimTonic was happy and got a prize, but also Heike Schätzel. She was beneath one of the first 100 fans and was raffled among those who took part and won the surprise prize.

We are starting the next edition of the competition - now!
From now on all musicians are asked to acquire new fans for their fan base and to complete or update their Leondra Sed Card.
By the way: "Classical Musicians" can participate in the competion as well! So this time there is no excuse - don't be reserved and motivate/activate your fans.

We are curios about to see, if the current frontrunners maintain their positions or be overtaken by the new Live-Acts on Leondra music.

Who will be the "Most Wanted Live-Act 2012!"?

Let's see and be surprised!

Further information about the competition you will find here

Good luck and lots of fan votes!
Your Leondra music Team