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The Most Wanted Live-Act 2011: JimTonic


Three Live-Acts faced an exciting head-to-head race. The band FOSHAG took in third place with 196 fan votes, not to be forgotten that they had by far the most votes up until 28.04.2011. FOSHAG was outpaced by the singer-songwriter Renya and the Band JimTonic. In the remaining two days the fan votes changed almost every hour. By the deadline Renya took in second place with 238 fan votes, closely followed by the newly-crowned winners JimTonic with 257 fan votes.

Last Saturday the band JimTonic was our guest and received the awarding title Most Wanted Live-Act 2011 and the prize money of 500,- EUR. The young band explained eye-winking and declared happily that the prize money will be invested in band equipment.

„We are happy that we participated in the competition and won. Thank you, to all our fans, who supported us, “said Benedict Coenen, Drummer JimTonic „and of course a huge thanks to Leondra music. We look forward to further cooperations.“

Übergabe Fan-Shirt Fan Band

Mrs. Heike Schätzle was also our guest. She was beneath one of the first 100 fans and was raffled among those who took part and won the surprise prize. She received a voucher for a gyrocopters flight (gyrocopter school, Mona Hörig), as well as the brand-new release „Barrikaden von Eden“ from the band „Söhne Mannheim“ including original autographs. Mrs. Schätzle was very pleased to win. „Of course I will continue to support my favourite artists on Leondra music.“ she explained. On top, she even reveived a fan t-shirt from JimTonic. Mrs. Schätzle is in fact on of over 250 JimTonic fans, who supported her favourite band and voted for them to win the title Most Wanted Live-Act 2011.

Last but not least we are pleased about the enthusiastic participation of the nearly 1.000 fans since activation of the fan-function.

Dear fans, continue voting and supporting your favourite artist so they can become a famous star!

Your Leondra music team