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The Leondra Certificate


As part of a Leondra audition, your musical talent and your performance as well as your repertoire will be evaluated and categorized by a jury; namely under the aspect, which occasion and event fits to you and your music.

This classifying should provide an indication, what organizers can expect from you. Such recommendations and a big fan base are requested by many organizers and can clear up final doubts.

Don't worry - Leondra auditions will not pass off like a stilted casting, but take place through public gigs or concerts with audience.

The cost of the Leondra Certificate will be 50,- Euros. This is the fee for the jury, which will sit in the audience.

Slots are available on May 11th, June 8th and July 13th.
If you are interested to get certified by Leondra music, please contact us at the latest April 20th 2012 that we can do exact planning.

Yours Leondra music team