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Supporting Act Wanted - Sept. 5, 2015 in Lauterbach


MUSIK 667 – The Neighbour of the Beast are looking for a young band for a concert.

„Back to the roots – Zurück zu den Wurzeln“ – so the members of 667 call – The Neighbour of the Beast their concert on September 5 in the music pub "Crown" in Lauterbach. One thing lacks the proven musicians who are travelling for a long time even on international stages for their gig. "We are looking for a young supporting act, because we want to support the next generation locally," explained Günther Peschau and Mächel Frank.

For their concert Mächel Frank (guitar), Felix prostration (drums), Karsten Roth (bass), Daniel Homann (vocals) and Günther Peschau (guitar) wish a band that has approximately a 45-minute repertoire. "The age does not matter - great would be a proper, classical school band," wish Günther and Mächel. The genre is not defined, but both of them would be happy about a short demo attached to the application. "The quality (of the tape) doesn't matter," says Mächel. "The band is allowed to use our stuff for their performance, only the amps and small parts for the drums have to be brought." Applications should be sent to until 22 August. Who wants to learn more about 667, can find more information under