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Scorio Jingle Competition: The Results


The jury decided to rate the top 10 pieces in four categories:

  • Is the piece easily recognizable?
  • Does it represent the spirit of an online editor well?
  • Does the piece sound like a jingle or can a substantial part be arranged into a jingle?
  • Do we like it?

The jury listened to all the top 10 pieces without looking at the composer and the rank from user voting and assigned points in every category. The final ranking was obtained by merging the scores from the jury members.

Here are the results:

The first prize goes to Scoringle by Robert Ph. Schäfer.

The jury likes Scoringle, because it is a fresh and optimistic piece reflecting the joy of composing and playing music. It has a very clear structure and is therefore especially suited as an intro to help videos.

The jury also decided to award a scorio premium account to the second and third jingle:
Headbang and Ode to joy by Morgan A. Beard.

Congratulations to the winners!

For further information regarding this competition and to see the top 10 ranking, please click here.

Your Leondra music team