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Release Of New Fan Features


Dear users,

Leondra music would like to offer members like you a simple and efficient experience.
Therefore, we look forward to your suggestions on how we can supplement the Leondra music Business Platform makes sense.

Starting today, we provide you new functions of the fan zone.
For example, you can link your Leondra music account with your social media profiles and post your updates and announcements on Leondra music in your social media channels with one click.
Likewise, you can use the linked profiles for your login to the Leondra music Business Platform, if you like.
You can find this function in your Leondra music account via the menu item "MY DATA - Manage Account" (see screenshot).

We would be happy, if you use the new features lively and send us your feedback about it.

Thanks in advance
Your Leondra music team

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