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ProSieben Is Looking For Talented Musicians For New Band Show


Unterföhring - ProSieben plans a new TV project with several issues in prime time: In the still-untitled show talents shall perform together, meet Stars abroad and start a band at the end. Here, the private braodcaster emphasizes that the format is not a typical casting show, but that the musicians will have priority.

ProSieben is looking for musicians at the age of 18 to 30 years playing electric guitar, bass, keyboards and drums and or be charismatic front men or women. In this case, experience is less important, but rather the particular talent plays a role, which is why first indication regarding the own talent and motivation to participate should be made clear when applying.

The show will be produced in the period from mid-April to late May abroad. More information is available at Applications should be sent via e-mail to with contact details, photos and a few details to you as person and to your talent. The deadline for applications is March 20th, 2015.

Good luck with your application!
Your Leondra music team