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Leondra Streaming Service now available


Dear musicians and fans, dear organizer and reader,

We thought up some very special service for you and are happy to make this exclusive offering immediately available for you:

Our Leondra Streaming Service.

All Leondra customers are able to book this service from now on and will get custom made streaming package depending on event type and quality expectation. This package contains the film shots as well as the live stream. Also included is a time-delayed stream at 60 internet portals and up to 75 cinemas.

We serve this service in cooperation with livedome, the leading streaming service provider for live events within the web.

There is a guarantee for all Leondra customer, which are booking the minimum package, that their event will streamed at 15 livedome portals, all internet presences of Leondra and of course your own website.

We are really happy to be able to give you his offer with our partner livedome to support your professional marketing into the web.

And that's not all!
There is an Early Bird Special four our Leondra Streaming Service!

All interested cutomers, which decide on short time and book our Leondra Streaming Service until July 31st 2011, will get the introduction package with special conditions.

If you are interested in, just give us a ring and will get more details about.

Phon: +49 621 586798-60



Your Leondra music Team


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