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Leondra Sed Cards - available for DJs now!


All without any risk, because registration and sed card are free of charge. And this will stay that way, when you use the basic account.
As soon as you create your sed card, you can apply for gig-offers and events published on Leondra music as well as getting booking enqiries form interested parties.
In addition you have the chance to get more attractive to potential clients, if you keep your Leondra Sed Card up to date and establish a big and visible fan base on Leondra music.

Leondra is taking a commission (10% of the artist's fee) solely, if you are successfully booked via our business platform. That means no costs for you, if we cannot place you in a gig.

Best thing of all: you have no (!) exclusive contract with Leondra music.

The successfully and nationwide famous DJ team "BANKS & RAWDRIGUEZ" has just registered and is booked already for a gig.

We will be happy to have you in our network.
Yours Leondra music Team


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