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Leondra CD Tip - April 2014


The album "Herzkraft" (heart power) of singer/songwriter Ute Ullrich

"Get out of your head, into my heart", this is the guide of the 2nd album by Ute Ullrich entitled "Herzkraft" , which contains 12 new songs, sometimes gently, sometimes forcefully .

Her songs tell of love, love for nature, love for our neighbor and above all, love for ourselves.
"That we may remember who we really are. Precious beings with infinite creative power.", demands the singer/songwriter Ute Ullrich her listeners.

" Because you are here on earth , free and clear
You are Unique, You're wonderful "
( from the song " Burned " )

The exceptional singer composed the songs together with her colleague Martin Altmann (bass, guitar).
Richard Rossbach (piano ) and Stephan Reinke (piano) accompanied Ullrich well in this musical project, as well as Roger Wahlmann from the Cliff - studio who converted this compositions with great sensitivity.
Out came an album that Ute Ullrich sees "as a life companion through the ups and downs of life."

Listen to the new songs and try it for yourself.

Your Leondra music team


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