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Jingle Competition


scorio is online for 2 years and grows slowly but surely its infancy. As for every child it is now time to learn to speak. Please help scorio to get a distinctive voice!

Win an iPad mini with unlimited use of the two scorio apps.

How to participate?

  • Sign in or register for free via Leondra music on
  • Write a distinctive jingle in the scorio music editor.
  • Save the piece under any name.
  • If you are satisfied with your composition, publish your music by clicking the "Participate" menu of the note editor.
    Everyone can vote for it on this page, now!
  • Optional: Send this page to your musical friends or post it in social networks. Crowd wisdom will find the best jingle.

Deadline for entries is December 2012, 12th

Choose "Share" from the "File" menu to get a share link and copy it to share your jingle with your friends. If they are registered on scorio they can vote for your piece and increase your chances to get among the top 10 jingles.

The scorio jury will select scorio's future voice among the ten most popular scores on December 2012, 14th. The winner will be notified by email.

Participate now and publish your jingle until December 2012, 12th!

Participate now

Terms and Conditions
Participation is free and independent of the acquisition of a scorio Pro Account. The participant agrees that his or her name will be posted on the main page as well as on the scorio Facebook Fan Pages. Cash or an exchange of the prize is not possible. The prize is not transferable. Your personal data can only be used or saved by scorio GmbH for advertising its own products. A disclosure to third parties will not occur. You can revoke your consent for use of your personal data at any time by sending us a mail to