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Crossover Competition Award 2012


In this composition contest new pieces were sought for two violins, which carry the listener along emotionally, they should jump from the seat. Allowed was what sounds good: The composers were allowed to lean on rock, pop, jazz, tango, classical, etc., or feel entirely free to try to reach the ears and hearts.

Only six compositions are allowed for the final round, in which the new pieces have to prove yet. After all, the works will be premiered on 21.09.2012 and the audience decides by a vote on the placement. Only the one who achieved the highest number of votes wins the with 3000 Euros doped first Price.

Tickets for the final are now available at the following ticket outlets:

  • Reiss-Engelhorn-Museen, C5 & D5 in Mannheim, opening hours: Tuesday – Sunday 1100 – 1800, Monday closed.
  • Atlantiskino K2, 32 in Mannheim, from 1700 on at the box office.
  • Via the Online-Order-Form.
    You can choose between mail delivery or pick-up at the box office, so no postage fees incurred.

Further information on Crossover Comosition Award 2012 can be found here.