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Competition - Most Wanted Live-Act 2011




Become the "Most Wanted Live Act 2011"

Who can participate?

All musicians and bands who are registered on Leondra music and have maintained their artist profile

Who will win?

The musician or band who completely maintaines their Leondra set-card and can acquire the biggest fanbase at Leondra musicLovers until April 30th 2011.

The prize money is 500,- €

So don’t waste any time and start building/creating your fanbase today.

Below a flyer is provided and ready for download in order to address your fans on easy way.

Fill in your name, then print or send the flyer via e-mail to your fans.

Participating is worth it, also for the fans!
Among the first 100 registered fans on Leondra MusicLovers  have a surprising reward waiting

Your Leondra music - Team 

Download Fan Flyer