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Christmas with SHADY LADY


1. You listen to the radio special with SHADY LADY on Radio Timetravel next Saturday (8.12.2012) from 18oo on.
Subsequently you answer the following questions:
Which band member chatted in the interview and when was the year of foundation of SHADY LADY?
Send us your answers via eMail to with subject: SHADY LADY
Closing date is 10.12.2012 at18oo

2. Or you become a real Leondra musicLover and commit to SHADY LADY as official fan!
How? - Very simple:
You click the button "become a fan" within the Leondra Sed Card of Shady Lady and vote for the band!
We will toss up one of 3 "movin' on" albums among the first 100 fans.
Further information for fans you can find here.

3. The third "movin' on" album will be autographed and personally presented to you, if you are the first prospect who books this band for a concert or a company event.
Please send your booking request via eMail to, subject: Shady Lady or give us a call +49 621-586 798 60.

Good luck and above all enjoy the music of SHADY LADY!
Yours Leondra music team