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Leondra music takes off with its new release in Berlin


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Leondra music expands into B2C:
Leondra music takes off with its new release in Berlin 

Berlin, October 23rd, 2013. Leondra music moves to Berlin and presents itself with a new release of the Leondra music Business Platform at Disrupt Europe in Berlin on October 28th and 29th.

Leondra music offers online business tools for musicians. The core of Leondra music is the Leondra music Business Platform. Since July 2013, Leondra music GmbH takes off in Berlin and enables the first direct-to-fan functionalities.

“We are constantly extending the services around musicians and their managers. The aim is an appropriate and customer-oriented development of the Leondra music Business Platform”, explains Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondra music GmbH. ”The location decision for Berlin has already proven to be the right step. Here we find the essential contacts to promote Leondra music globally.” Headquartered in Berlin, Leondra music is planning to pursue an aggressive growth strategy and consequently to recruit additional employees.

“Besides the basic needs of a musician, the live performances and recordings, the exploitation of the new digital opportunities is getting more and more important. Particularly, elements that ease the direct interaction with fans are in the center of our current activities”, says Sandra Leonie Ritter and adds: “This relationship between fan and artist becomes more direct and interactive due to the new release of the Leondra music Business Platform.” An intensive beta phase had been performed before the first direct-to-fan functionality became generally available.

The original Leondra Sed Card (the artist profile on Leondra music Business Platform) has been completely enhanced through an interactive experience. Integration of shops based on individual context and a new fan zone are now parts of the Leondra Sed Card. With the new fan zone, on the one hand, fans are able to support their stars by direct feedback via comments, digital pictures and videos. On the other hand, artists or their managers have the possibility to communicate with their fans, individually and in a target-group oriented way, due to the integration of a new newsletter-tool. Moreover, the user interface of the whole platform was redesigned and meets now the requirements of all major mobile devices.

For the start of the new release Leondra music present itself at “Arena Berlin” at Disrupt Europe 2013 on October, 28th and 29th.

Information about Disrupt Europe 2013 see


About Leondra music
The Company Leondra music GmbH provides agile online business tools for musicians of all career levels. Together with partners, Leondra music gradually develops a cloud-based platform, which enables musicians and their managers to control their business from a digital presence and booking to management of their direct-to-fan relationship to sales and rights management.


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