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SHADY LADY fan invitation for taping music video


Mannheim, 07. February 2013. The Mannheim based Rockband SHADY LADY will release the brandnew album "better than ever" this year. A new music video will be taped as well, therefore the musicians have thought of a special "thanks" for their fans.

The band SHADY LADY successfully rocks the stages for more than 30 years with self composed songs like "dryngk koffeyh" and "Frauenarzt von Bischofsbrück". The bandmembers know that this fact is based mainly on their loyal fans, who can expect a brandnew album 2013 titled "better than ever". SHADY LADY will not only please the rockmusic lovers with 13 brandnew songs and a music video - the band has established a smooth idea for all their fans.

"We want to take the new video together with our fans" Uli Mueller says, founding member and guitar player with SHADY LADY. "We want the fans to be as close as possible and we want to climb the "you tube" charts together with them all."

Therefore the band invites the rockmusic lovers and the fans to the city of Mannheim (Germany) to be part of the music video, that will be taped on Thursday, 21st March 2013, 1900 CET, at the Kulturbrücken Mannheim. All fans are more than welcome.

Who wants to be a part of the SHADY LADY music video and who wants to be a movie star on "you tube" needs to apply for this event. Simply send an e- mail to "" and let the band know "I will be there". You'll receive more details by than.

Video tape with Shady Lady
Thursday, 21.3.2013, 1900 CET
Kulturbrücken Mannheim
Hafenstraße 72
68159 Mannheim

In the 80’s SHADY LADY, based in Mannheim/Germany, became one of the most popular Rockbands with gigs all over the country. SHADY LADY was performing live at the nationwide German TV show „Talentschuppen“ and the band was a constant guest at the Disco Top Ten show, presented from the well known German radiohost Manfred Sexauer. SHADY LADY was responsible for the song "Frauenarzt von Bischofsbrück", a radio story featured from SWF - a major German radiostation. The re-opening concert for the Nürburgring, a german Formula 1 racetrack, was also part of the many performances in the career of SHADY LADY.
The founders of the band, Germann and Mueller, disbanded in 1986 because of new musical projects. In 2006 the idea came up to record a 30 years anniversary album and so it happened. Germann and Müller took it seriously and so SHADY LADY was up and running again like in former days. Since 2010 the band is performing in the current formation and exclusively relies on own and self-composed songs.

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