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Leondra music and Radio Timetravel start new serial program


Mannheim, 15. October 2012. The companies Leondra music and the internet radio Radio Timetravel have agreed to work together and are making their cooperation public. The Leondra music business platform is there for expanding its services around the self-marketing of musicians with this exclusive offer.

End of September 2012 the Leondra GmbH & Co. KG and the internet radio Radio Timetravel agreed to start an own and new serial program for Leondra to promote artists that are registered on the Leondra music Business Platform as well as their music.

"I'm glad to be able to promote our musicians with this serial program from now on. Besides CD presentations and concert tips we plan to do interviews, too. Thus not only music lovers can find out news, but also potential event organizers can spot new or unknown artists", explains Sandra Leonie Ritter, CEO of Leondra GmbH & Co. KG. „Radio Timetravel is our first media partner in the radio sector. We will expand our offering with further partners useful and step by step“.

„Leondra music has a fascinating concept. Especially musicians who are at the beginning of their career, need to be listened to first. Thus they are reliant on first gigs and airplays. Only in this way newcomer can bulid up their fan base and reputation. We support Leondra music with pleasure and we are looking forward to our cooperation“, reports Michael Hausmann, Owner of Radio Timetravel.

The serial program on starts on Oktober 30th 2012 at 8 pm (CET). Further braodcasts will follow on the second Tuesday of the month. The broadcasts will be recorded and are available as podcasts on Leondra music for four weeks.


About Leondra
The company Leondra GmbH & Co. KG promotes young music acts who embody a modern lifestyle. A style that is characterized by a constant willingness to experiment and a reinterpretation of both the classic and the contemporary. Leondra produces and promotes under its own label Leondra music. Its aim is to support artists in their development and to prepare them for working with big labels and, increasingly, event organizers. This support includes, amongst other things, the production of the artist's first song as a basis for promoting their first record or online release as well as organizing small concerts. In addition to placing its artists with concert agencies, Leondra, in cooperation with a growing number of partner companies, also handles issues like distribution, public relations and marketing for the musicians and their music productions.

About Radio Timetravel
“Radio Timetravel ...the place for your music”
We are for years a licensed web radio and spin the hits of the 1950s down to the present day, incl. special-interest program.
One of our focus are "newcomer", we promote them with a seperate page for artists/bands:
Thereto seperate charts, info-pages, news, concert dates and more.
We are steadily looking for artist and bands who do not have a musc label or who are not a member of GEMA and who want to be promoted as a newcomer via our radio, as far as they fit into our program scheme.
But also GEMA members can get advertisment and support, if they want to.


Leondra music

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