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Leondra music expands its offer for videos with GDMpro


Mannheim, 8. August 2012. The companies Leondra music and GDMpro have agreed to work together and are making their cooperation public. The Leondra music business platform is there for expanding its services around the self-marketing of musicians with this exclusive offer.

In July 2012 the Leondra GmbH & Co. KG and GDMpro agreed to offer Leondra cusotmers attractively priced packages for video productions and live recordings. This valuable service was immediately implemented with the Leondra music business platform and will be exclusively offered to all Leondra customers.

"We at the Leondra music business platform are always at work to improve and expand our customer oriented services for musicans and their management. Music clips and concert recordings must be, of course, a part of this", says Sandra Leonie Ritter, the managing director of Leondra GmbH & Co. KG. „With GDMpro, we have found an experienced partner in the multimedia field. Peter Blaha has worked as camera operator for a variety of video production companies and TV-cable stations in the USA, and also worked as a software engineer for Macromedia and Adobe“.

„We are very happy about our cooperation with Leondra music and will start with  three special offers for Leondra customers, which apply to live concert video productions. Through our cooperation with Leondra, it will be easier for us to find the right customers for our services, and also to produce high quality concert videos in Germany. We are convinced that once the value of our well-priced live concert video productions is recognized, we can expand our offers to music videos, documentaries, and Image- and commercial videos. You can find already a variety of samples of these production categories on my homepage“, Peter Blaha, owner of GDMpro, explains.

The customers of Leondra can now book these valuable services through the Leondra music website.


About Leondra
The company Leondra GmbH & Co. KG promotes young music acts who embody a modern lifestyle. A style that is characterized by a constant willingness to experiment and a reinterpretation of both the classic and the contemporary. Leondra produces and promotes under its own label Leondra music. Its aim is to support artists in their development and to prepare them for working with big labels and, increasingly, event organizers. This support includes, amongst other things, the production of the artist's first song as a basis for promoting their first record or online release as well as organizing small concerts. In addition to placing its artists with concert agencies, Leondra, in cooperation with a growing number of partner companies, also handles issues like distribution, public relations and marketing for the musicians and their music productions.

About GDMpro 
The company GDMproductions was founded 10 years ago in California, by Peter Blaha. Through his years long experience and cooperation with Macromedia, Adobe, and a variety of TV cable stations, he can offer a wide spectrum of knowledge in the field of video production. His services range from the video shoot/filming, the editing, up to the release in any desired media. He specializes in live concert and music videos, documentaries,animations, commercial videos and event videos of any kind. To find out more about his production possibilities and to see some samples, visit:


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