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Leondra music proudly announces well-known artists to be new on its platform


Mannheim, 6 February 2012. The Leondra music team is pleased to welcome an increasing number of musicians who use the “cloud-based booking and rights management service” of Leondra music thus profiting from the advantages offered. One of the new customers is the German-wide successful DJ and MC team “BANKS & RAWDRIGUEZ”. The two DJs own the “VibrA School of DJing” and are involved in the coaching of the talents in Xavier Naidoo’s team for the tv show “The Voice of Germany”. Their first own album is to be released soon.

“search. find. book.” is the motto of Leondra music – one of the most innovative offers on the internet. As of 1st February 2012 apart from live acts also DJs can be booked via Leondra music. For birthday parties and other private or corporate events as well for concerts and festivals by professional organizers. The Leondra music business platform supports all participants cost-efficiently and time saving in the planning, implementation and billing of events.

Sandra Leonie Ritter, musician herself and CEO of Leondra GmbH & Co. KG gives the musicians of today the opportunity to promote themselves and to manage their related rights on their own using the Leondra business platform. The Leondra music concept also convinced David Banks, who is well acquainted with the challenges of the music industry having studied law and being both a management expert and a member of “BANKS & RAWDRIGUEZ”.

“Leondra music is cool. For young, ambitious musicians it is extremely important to have such a network,” says Ruben Rawdriguez. “We have a sed card on Leondra music ourselves and recommend our students and colleagues to get one as well.”

Building up a digital reputation early, step-by-step is becoming increasingly important. Leondra music contributes to creating this basis for a successful commercial career by offering a qualitative feedback from organizers, the Leondra Certificate as well as by its fan function to build up a valid fan base.

However, musicians alone are not enough to bring to life Sandra Leonie Ritter’s vision, but also organizers and fans are needed on the platform.
In her function as CEO she continually gets positive feedback from her customers who do not have to bother with a time-spending search for artists or annoying paperwork on their desks.

“About 10 to 15 musicians and bands on average currently apply for each displayed gig offer. The customer can look through the applications online whenever there is time. He will easily find all necessary information with a click, comprised and comfortable on the Leondra Sed Card of the applicant,” says Sandra Leonie Ritter. Even audio samples and videos are directly available on the musicians’ sed cards. This makes work much more easy for all involved and saves costs.

The service of Leondra music comprises the whole organization concerning the gig. From booking the musician via the standardized contract to Leondra’s escrow service and an optional feedback function you can have all you need. “Our customers save time for the really important things round the event. The musician saves time for his music and for preparing the gig itself. The organizer saves time for his “real” planning and his guests. That’s the way it should be, shouldn’t it?” explains Ms. Ritter.

Anyone who wants to know more about promoting oneself when it comes to music activities or about finding quickly the suitable music act for the next party or event is welcome to call or to go to the monthly office hours. Sandra Leonie Ritter and Michael Richter are pleased to support all interested persons in setting up a Leondra Sed Card or placing a gig offer. The next office hours will be on Wednesday, 29th February 2012 from 15.00 h to 20.00 h.
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About Leondra
The company Leondra GmbH & Co. KG promotes young music acts who embody a modern lifestyle. A style that is characterized by a constant willingness to experiment and a re-interpretation of both the classic and the contemporary. Leondra produces and promotes under its own label Leondra music. Its aim is to support artists in their development and to prepare them for working with big labels and, increasingly, event organizers. This support includes, amongst other things, the production of the artist's first song as a basis for promoting their first record or online release as well as organizing small concerts. In addition to placing its artists with concert agencies, Leondra, in cooperation with a growing number of partner companies, also handles issues like distribution, public relations and marketing for the musicians and their music productions.

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