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Leondra music – takes off at 2011 music fair


Mannheim, 01. April 2011. Leondra music business platform starts with more speed and more service relating to music artists’ self-marketing into the second quarter 2011. Leondra music together with its partners offers music artists of today a recipe for success creating the optimum presentation in a world changed by digitalization. Music talents create a profile here enabling them to express themselves outside music and getting in touch with their fans. Founded by professional musicians and headed by marketing experts artists find everything to manage themselves independently and successfully at Leondra music. 

In September 2009 one of the most innovative offers for music artists in the internet was developed and has been operating ever since: the Leondra music business platform.
Music artists can show their talent and repertoire online free-of-charge by setting up a Leondra Sed Card filling it with all important data of their career and their repertoire including own program proposals for different categories of events as well as photos, videos and audio examples. Thus, it is the music artists themselves who create the conditions for Leondra music’s successfully matching their offer with the demand of organizers.
With her offer of an artists’ portal co-founder Sandra Leonie Ritter, being graduated music artist and saxophonist herself, closes a gap that she experienced in her creative life as musician more than once: “Besides working with your instrument, concentrating on your repertoire and expertise every music artist is increasingly forced to take care of marketing on his own. This is virtually impossible, especially since self-marketing including fee negotiations is not necessarily one of the basic competences of a young artist.”
The business platform of Leondra music is the solution.
This is because apart from their self-presentation the music artists can also build up their own fan base let themselves be actively supported in their career by their fans from April 2011 on. The more fans, the more interesting for organizers. The fans cannot only vote for their artist but also offer by upload pictures, information and articles for their favourite artist. With this material a music artist or a band can fill his own Leondra Sed Card with additional fan contributions and make it more expressive. The fans, however, can stick to their usual routine with the social media and can even log in with their facebook account at and start off immediately.
Even the unpleasant contract arrangements are dealt with by Leondra music, starting with a form for a standardized contract fixing the booking for both sides (music artists and organizers), via a comfortable escrow service for fee payment to a mandatory quality feedback.
Following an event in the internet one can easily exchange information on what could be improved or how brilliant the show was and how enthusiastic the audience was. This is the way the Leondra music business platform gives quick and easy support to all parties involved in the planning, implementation and handling of events.
"And should you need additional advice, Leondra music will be pleased to be at your service either by phone or personally," says Sandra Leonie Ritter.
Apart from these advantages concerning booking and promotion Leondra music offers further additional services like a print-on-demand offer for music books implemented in cooperation with its partner Inter-Note.
Further services are planned and all registered music artists or interested service partners are invited to come forward with wishes and suggestions.