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Basic Package


Music is your passion?

At Leondra music you will be able to imprint a profile with your talent.


With your own Leondra Sed-Card and many additional features, you can prove your expertise and apply actively for gigs!


For those who want to have a free trial and leran more about our services and for students / ambitious beginners who are testing themselves and want to start their career.


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00,00 € / month

Newcomer Package


At the beginning of your musical carreer?

With an account on Leondra music you will not only advertise your gifts but also fully enhance the valuable feedback of your listeners.


Present all of your talent, integrate your fan’s opinions and start to really make contact!


For young talents without label deals / without managment and self-determined musicians.


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10.00 € / month

Midlevel Package


You want to build on your success?


With your account on Leondra music you keep track of your fan base.


You let them know not only about your next tour, but also about your latest publications and link your sed card with the shops that offer your recordings.


For music talents with label deal / with managment and self-determined established musicians.


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30,00 € / month

Pro Package


Your music demands professional marketing?


With your professional standing you will feel in best company on Leondra music.


Here you will get a trailblazing platform to tie your songs, your concerts and your whole carrer directly to your fans.

And you couldn’t find a better place for your management too!


For established stars with label deal / with managment.


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50,00 € / month



It's that easy!

  • You register for free at Leondra music.
  • You feed your Sed-Card with everything you have.
  • You present photos, news, sound clips ... and your fan base!
  • You will be found by all organizers, whose call fits your profile and repertoire and at the same time you may apply to calls actively.
  • You will be found and booked - Leondra does the rest: from contract to payment via escrow.
  • You can raise your chances of a successful music career, if you mobilize your fans and former organizers and let them vote for you.
    Let your fans actively support you. This helps you to build up your digital reputation.
  • Create your own catalogue and make your talent visible and generate the interest of investors who directly invest in you and your career.



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