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Artist Managers

Artist Manager Package


Managers want just the best for their artists?


With the new, up-to-date marketingtools of Leondra music you can easyly generate new concerts, and massive promotion.


It’s not only that fans can be directly included in the marketing mix.


The trailblazing platform also provides performances, that function easily as a footboard for any career!


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60,00 € / month

Information to the Leondra escrow service | Booking conditions | Manager accounts | FAQ for musicians & artist managers


The best promotion for the best artists and newcomers?

It's that easy!

You register at Leondra music and maintain basic data, photos and sound clips of your clients.

Performance features of any event are made available for you and registered artists automatically by the business platform. At the same time the comprehensive filtering supports all interested parties, making it easy to find suitable artists, such as yours.

As a manager you also promote your artists actively for upcoming calls, thereby gaining a comfortable increase of the already numerous performance opportunities.

A booking will be made by a mouse click. If needed, you enjoy the exclusive Leondra service, including contract preparation and escrow service.

Moreover, you can condition your artist to be ready for Leondrino and so generate the interest of investors who directly invest into your artist and your artists' career.

Combined with the possibility of a direct fan-voting, that finaly means:

More bookings, more success, more money!

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