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About Leondra

Leondra music provides a business platform for musicians and their managers as Software-as-a-Service solution that includes an interactive Sed Card with an integrated booking tool and a fan relationship management.

The interaktive Sed Card includes

  • a brief overvirew of the artist including links to its online profiles in the web,
  • an availability check for bookers,
  • information such as biography, repertoire, references and information about gigs and tour dates,
  • media such as images, videos, songs and albums including links to download stores and streaming service providers,
  • and a fan zone via which the fans can chat with and actively support their favorite artist.

The Booking Tool includes

  • support functions for contract negotiations,
  • contract management with a wizard for creating, processing and archiving bookings and corresponding booking contracts,
  • the Leondra escrow service,
  • and an optional feedback function.

The Fan Relationship Management includes

  • a newsletter function,
  • a chat feature,
  • connecting option to social media channels used by the artist and its fans,
  • and a list of fans including filter functions and geographical coordinates (heatmap) for negotiations with venues and bookers.


Leondra History


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Leondra Team

Das Team von Leondra


The team behind Leondra

Even the best ideas don't work without teamwork.

Team spirit plays a major role at Leondra music and forms the basis for successful execution.

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