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Make Your Talent Visible!

Fill your Leondra Sed Card with your music and your personality. Make your talent visible and audible. Turn yourself and your music into a brand.

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Activate Your Fan base!

Establish your fan base and communicate with your fans interactively on your Leondra Sed Card, during your gigs and any time on the net. Give your fans the opportunity to actively support you and to closely be present at the development of your career.

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Give Back Goodies!

Thank your fans for their loyalty and their support. Offer them specials and discounts as well as fan meet and greets on your Leondra Sed Card. Let your fans have a share in your success.

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Call For Pilot Customers

Currently, we are looking for pilot customers such as artist managers and established artists having a tour this year and who want to test and use our new features of the Leondra fan management.

Musicians with a fan base of at least 5.000 fans on their Leondra Sed Card are wanted.

Interested managers and musicians can send their application by email to

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