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Giuseppe Ruisi


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The Voice of MJ

            There are many Michael Jackson impersonators, but only one actually sings live, Giuseppe!  "He sings almost as Michael", Dieter Bohlen, the main juror at Germany's Got Talent Show said about him. No other impersonator manages to imitate the voice of the King of Pop so well.

However, not only does he sing like MJ. His look - along with unique and original costumes - and the legendary style of dance don't lack the performance. "When Giuseppe is on stage, one thinks Michael Jackson would be there before you." his fans say.

He's been performing as a Michael Jackson live singer for more than 15 years now. Anyone who has seen him once live on stage, will agree that Giuseppe is Europe's best Michael Jackson live singing Impersonator!

With its authentic voice, great outfits and the typical MJ dance style, he creates magic moments for his audience, using a large repertoire of Michael Jackson songs.

Since its successful participation in Germany's Got Talent, where he sang and danced his way into the hearts of the spectators and the jury, and reached the semifinals, he travels in Germany and the world to perform as a genuine Michael Jackson impersonator.

In 2010 Giuseppe was touring Asia to promote his genuine voice.
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