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Riverdies - Quotes Awards & Bio


"Straight ahead rock and roll from the five-man band. "I Wonder" has an extra cool vibe with its 70's sounding vocals and wicked guitar licks. Another highlight on the 6 song cd is the slow groove called "Fate". It picks up in drama leaving us with a pretty stellar and very slick metal ballad. It's the best of the bunch. A&R Select - About the "Down Yard" record.

"Riverdies mostrou que o grunge não morreu – apenas se mudou.... A maturidade de composição de quem está tocando junto na estrada há 10 anos garante a sintonia fina no novo trabalho." Guilherme Schneider M Dias, Revista Rock Brigade - Sobre o show de lançamento do CD Waterskies no Rio de Janeiro em Julho de 2011 

"Riverdies is dynamic and different enough to get attention. Their melancholic presentation usually works in Rock N Roll, and the songwriting is strong enough not to get stuck in a rut thus far. Take a chance and check out Riverdies; they just might surprise you." Wildys World Review

"A qualidade dos músicos transparece toda a estrada e dedicação do “Riverdies”, o que serve de exemplo para muitos aqui em SP. Uma forma de compor esquecida por muitos produtores e músicos atuais que ilustra a exata evolução do rock brazuca." - Site RockSP sobre o show de lançamento de Waterskies em São Paulo - Agosto de 2011

"I really liked the song 'Background' - it had a solid rock and roll feel, but the musicianship and harmonies really took it to another level!" Jon Ostrow - MICCONTROL

"A banda assume sem culpa suas influências e reprocessa com competência a herança de grupos como Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots e Silverchair. O Rock vigoroso e honesto do Riverdies é uma grata surpresa para os fãs brasileiros órfãos da cena de Seattle dos anos 90" - Alexandre Coelho, Revista Backstage Novembro de 2010.

...(O CD) "Down Yard" encontrará seu público principalmente entre os admiradores de Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Dave Matthews Band, PEARL JAM, Stone Temple Pilots e similares da cena alternativa. Dê uma conferida, o material é bem bacana! - Ben Ami Scopinho - Whiplash!

"Originality, creativity and general entertainment value - this are the targets for success, and this video have it all." Cristin Tomeci - GBOB UK - about the "I Wonder" video.


1 - Festival Universo Pop 2009 Award - Best New Song - "I Wonder"

2 - GRC Quality Music Award - Best New Artist - Riverdies

3 - I.A.I.R.A. Award - The International Association of Independent Recording Artists - TOP 100 International - Artistic achievement, technical proficiency, and overall excellence in sound recording.


Riverdies is one of those rare bands to find these days, with musicians who are really dedicated and infatuated for the art that they create. The personality and intensity of their composi­tions and the notable care since the whole composing confec­tions to the final sound production result, indicates that these guys got dexterity and refinement to become memorable.

The band was formed in 2000 in Rio de Janeiro by bass­ist Gui Farizeli, guitarist Leo Graterol, guitarist Fil Buc and the vocalist Alex Melch, who shaped the sonority over their multi-influenced composions. Some time later, the experienced drummer Victor Vön Draxeler has filled in the band’s line up. In spite of the band members got their own distinctive musical tastes, they got a very strong influence in common by the sound played in Seattle during the early to mid 90’s.

In 2007, a first single was released contain­ing 3 songs, “These Words”, “Mileage” and “Still Remains”. These songs stood among the most played songs on sound­ with thousands of users.

After several years experiencing the independent music sce­nario, the band wrote a number of songs enough to launch two or more albums. All this repertoire was performed around the stages of the most classic clubs of the independent scene in town, such as Ballroom, Garage, Kachanga, Néctar, Festi­val Sub Alternativo, Lonas Culturais, Rio Rock & Blues Club, Odisséia Theater and others.

In 2009, relying on the help of producer/man­ager Eden (VMH Produções), River­dies launches in the market it´s second record “Down Yard”, and simul­tane­ously recorded the a third 12 track album. 

Down Yard had earned them three awards in 2010 and invitations to perform live at music festivals in Europe and North America where Riverdies established a loyal num­ber of fans through the internet. 

In July 2011 Riverdies lauched its third independent album "Waterskies" that is getting excellent reviews from both crits and fans.

The band has indeed every­thing to become one of the greatest Brazil’s representation in the international alternative music market.
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