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Leah Bien


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Biography Leah Bien

            Leah is born on  June 13th of  1969 in Tabaco Albay on the  Philippines under the name Maria Leah Vosotros Bien, in a very musical family of 10 children,  7 girls and 3 boys.
Her mother was musically very talented, which has been transferred to her children. 
Leah participated during her school period in different singing competitions, she won several of them.
 At the end of her school years, when she was 21, she took an examination to become a newscaster on national television in the Philippines. She was offered that job, but at the same time, she was also discovered as a singer by the manager of her sister Christina. She had to make an important choice, and at that point she chose for a singing career. Together with her other sister Harrieth and a live band, she was send on a tour through the Middle east by her manager. There she performed approximately 9 years in Abu-Dhabi, Oman, Yemen, Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, etc…
Also in this period she performed a while in Egypt and Israel. During this period she returned several times for a short time back to the Philippines, where she performed also under contract of 5 star hotel chains, such as Hilton and Sheraton.
Around her 30th she went to China, and performed in many cities there, most of the time also under contract of the 5 star hotel chains. When in 2004 her mother died suddenly, which caused emotionally a lesser period in her life, she went to London for 6 months to visit her sister. There she could relax a bit, and in 2005, her manager sent her back to China. In 2007 she met her husband there, who is of Belgian origin.
In 2008 she temporarily stopped her career and lived for over a year with her husband together in Manila, Philippines. At the end of 2008 Leah got pregnant of a healthy twin Andrew and Xander, who were born on 22 July of 2009 in Paranaque, Philippines. In October 2009, from the moment that the doctor allowed it, Leah and her husband and the twins came to Belgium, where they still live.
Leah likes to go on with her singing career in Belgium and Europe, because singing really is her life, and she wants to share this magnificent feeling of happiness with as much people as possible. 

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