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            Kam has produced music since the age of 11 and started playing the drums when he was 7 years old, which played an important part in kam becoming a recording artist at the age of 24. Ever since middle school Kam wrote and produced many artists but never felt the need to rap. From living in Japan, to Florida, and Tennessee, Kam eventually moved back to Germany to pursue his music career. 

Currently unsigned, Kam met Razvan Caraiman at Vam United studios and quickly was motivated to write his own music. Moving around the world, Kam learned different techniques and watched many artist perform,so after his first release "My World" hosted by Dj Phat, this is only the beginning for Kam Killa. Kam is also one half of the recording group CDMG with Frost-E from Frankfurt, Germany. Currently Kam records at Vam United Studios and is writing more music and working with various artist. Kam has worked with and produced music for Lil Scrappy, Bone Crusher, Iggy Azalea, Yung Gwapa, Jeune Ras, Killa E, Jozef & Blaze, Dj Phat, V-H Mafia, S-Wins, Global 7 Music Group, and many more. 

Kam has been privileged to perform around the world from opening for Jagged Edge in Chicago, to performing live in Japan, at the Oktoberfest, Southern Entertainment Music Awards in Memphis, TN, opening for Soulja Boy, special guest at the Nass & Trooth Show, opening act at Scorpion Queens Album release party, and recently one of the headliners at the Summer Lock Up Music Festival at the University of Mainz. 

For more information and booking details visit
Leondra Music
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