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Fabrizio Levita Band


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The best of both worlds - international and italian Entertainment



David, Umbo, Pivo, Bobby 

Set 2 
Nice and Slow – Usher					em				
Führ mich ans Licht - Xavier Naidoo			(Bb-Moll) O-Ton
Amazing – George Michael (Chillout-Version)		Bb-Moll - O-Ton
Knockin on heaven´s door – chilled Version 		G						       I belong to you / Perdono  Lenny Kravitz/ T. Ferro		hm
Easy – The Commodores				As
Contramano – Nek					em
Ain´t no sunshine – Bill Withers 				am

SET 3 ( bei Wunsch:  Lounge )
Layla – Eric Clapton					dm (O-Ton)
Your Song – unplugged guitar Version			D
Yesterday – Beatles					F
Wake me up before you go – re:lounge	                           Bb-Dur (siehe MP3)	
New York Minute – Don Henley Trompeten-Solo Bobby!	? (O-Ton)
Use Somebody – Lounge Version 			C (O-Ton)
Nel grande spazio aperto (Into the great wide open) – Tom Petty (ital. Version)  	em O-Ton 

Set 4: ( bei Wunsch: Lounge ) 
Every breath you take – The Police				G# (O-Ton)
Don´t look any further						Cm
Se bastasse una canzone – Eros Ramazzotti			G (O-Ton)
Volare – Swing Version Eros Ramazzotti & Laura Pausini)  	Bb-Dur
Hangover (Taio Cruz)						C#m O-Ton (Lounge Version / Half time)
Walkin in Memphis – Marc Cohn				Chilled Version C-Dur (O-Ton)
Lady (hear me tonight)						? Chilled Version 

Papa was a rolling stone – The Temptations	chilled Version		? O-Ton
Dance with Somebody – Mando Diao		chilled Version		em

Set 3 bei Wunsch. Party: 
Freedom – Goerge Michael 							O-Ton
English Man in New York – Sting	(Sax:Bobby)				Hm
Fastlove – George Michael							am (1. Chord dm) O-Ton Sledgehammer – Peter Gabriel							esm O-Ton
Papa was a rolling stone – The Temptations					? O-Ton	
Talkin in your sleep – The Romantics						dm
Word up – Billy Jean – Medley							F#-Dur			
Wonderwall – Oasis								f #-moll (O-Ton)

Long train runnin – Doobie Brothers						em

Set 4 bei Wunsch: Party 
Junebug – Robert Francis							E-Dur O-Ton
Something got me started – Simply Red (Sax Solo)				dm
Ain´t nobody – Chaka Khan							am
Footloose – Kenny Loggins 							A
Faith / Hound Dog – George Michael						H
Ride like the wind – Christopher Cross				O-Ton (Cm) oder am ( je nach Spiellänge)
Laura non c´é – Nek 						am O-Ton, ohne Solo & ohne Modulation
Hangover (Taio Cruz)						Cm, statt langem Rap: Sax-Solo O-Ton
letzte Nummer: Fly Away – Lenny Kravitz							A
Walkin in Memphis – Marc Cohn						C (O-Ton)

letzte Zugabe: 
Angels 							C-Dur (-2) Original: D-Dur je nach Spiellänge
ggf für Set 5 

Azzurro – Adriano Celentano							C#m (Trio-Version!)
Fairytale gone bad – Sunrise Avenue						Bbm
L`italiano – Toto Cotugno			am (mit Band:MIT Modulation nach 1. Hook, im Trio: ohne)
Calma e sangue freddo – Luca Dirisio						em - O-Ton
Addicted to Love								A-Dur O-Ton
Kalimba de Luna – Tony Esposito						dm O-Ton
Crazy – Seal 									em O-Ton			
Easy Lover – Philip Bailey & Phil Collins 						? fm O-Ton
Maroon 5 – Moves like Jagger							? O-Ton

Senza una Donna – Zucchero 
Run to you – Bryan Adams							em
Muoio per te (MAD ABOUT YOU) - Sting
I´ll never get over you - Fabrizio
Shattered Dreams – Jonny Hates Jazz						O-Ton
Giulia – Gianni Togni / Romeo Inc. feat. FAB					O-Ton
Baila – Zucchero 
Ti Sento – Matia Bazar / Fabrizio 				O-Ton Fabrizio Version 
Addicted to love- Robert Palmer				 	O-Ton A
Dance little Sister – Terence Trent D´Arby 			Cm (-2)
September – E,W&F						A-Dur O-Ton			               Last Christmas – Wham / Nur November & Dezember :-)	O-Ton
Dance with Somebody – Mando Diao				em
Use Somebody – Kings of Leon					C
DJ got us falling in Love again – Usher				fm (-2 Halbtöne)
Black & Gold / Personal Jesus – Sam Sparro / Depeche Mode	em (O-Ton Black & Gold)
Blue Suede Shoes						O-Ton
Word up / Billy Jean Medley – Cameo/M. Jackson 			F#
Marina								!!!
Stand by me 							O-Ton
Al Corey – Square Rooms					O-Ton
Sleeping Satellite – Tasmine Archer				-2
Summer Jam – Under Dog Project				O-Ton
Moves Like Jagger						O-Ton
Freedom – George Michael 					O-Ton
Here comes the rain again					O-Ton

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