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Chris Arnold


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Chris Arnold in Konzert

                     Song            Interprt         Zeit  
  1.Boom Boom Boom Boom  John Lee Hooker  02:29  
  2.Cocain  Eric Clapton  03:22  
  3.Wonderland  Chris Arnold  02:30  
  4.Hotel California  Eagles  06:28  
  5.Lucky Man  Emmerson, Lake & Palmer  04:20  
  6.Dimples  John Lee Hooker  02:27  
  7.I Shot The Sheriff  Eric Clapton  04:46  
  8.Suzy Q  C.C.R.  04:45  
  9.Another Vrick In The Wall  Pink Floyd  03:38  
10.Confessin The Blues  Rolling Stones  03:23  
11.Modern Blues Man  Chris Arnold  04:04  
12.Josephine  Chris Rea  04:39  
13.Play With Fire  Rolling Stones  02:20  
14.Sailing  Rod Stewart  05:34  
15.What`d I Say  Ray Charle  03:41  
16.Sultan OF Swing  Dire Straits  05:45  
17.Lady Writer  Dire Straits  03:41  
18.So Far Away  Dire Straits  05:33  
19.The Windows To Night  Chris Arnold  04:51  
20.White Room  Eric Clapton  05:19  
21.Tears In Haven  Eric Clapton  04:40  
22.Doun Unter  Men At Work  03:52  
23.Dreamer  Ozzy Osbourne  04:55  
24.Every Breath You Take  Police  04:07  
25.Proud Mary  C.C.R.  03:19  
26.Bad Moon Rising  C.C.R.  02:21  
27.Hey Tonight  C.C.R.  02:49  
28.Have You Ever Seen The Rain  C.C.R.  02:40  
29.Up Around The Band  C.C.R.  02:50  
30.Run Through The Jungle  C.C.R.  03:10  
31.Wholl Stop The Rain  C.C.R.  02:25  
32.All Right Now  Free  05.35  
33.You Ain`t Seen Nothing Yet  Bachman T.  03:52  
34.Mad World  Gary Jules  03:05  
35.A Whiter Shade Of Pale  Procolharum  06:23  
36.Don`t Stop  Fleed Wood Mack  03:25  
37.Lady In Black  Uriah Heep  04:51  
38.Layla  Eric Clapton  04:36  
39.Hey You  Pinl Floyd  04:53  
40.Sweet Home Alabama  Lynyrds Kynyrt  04:11  
41.Urgent  Foreigner  03:52  
42.Well All Right  Eric Clapton  04:19  
43.Blue Eyes  Chris Arnold  04:42  
44.The Great Gig In The Sky  Pink Floyd  04:42  
45.Dreadkuck Holiday  10 CC  05:15  
46,Yellow River  Christie  02:59  
47.Wish You Wera Here  Pink Floyd  05:05  
48.Easy Living  Uriah Heep  02:38  
49.After Midnight  Eric Clapton  02:38  
50.Born To Be Wild  Steppenwolf  03:41  
51.Smoke On The Water  Deep Purple  04:03  
52.Black Night  Deep Purple  04:23  
53. Eye Of The Tiger  Survior  04:18  
54.The Last Time  Rolling Stones  03:49  
55.Jumpin Jack Fkash  Rolling Stones  03:30  
56.Hey Johe  Jimmy Hendrix  03:49  
57.La Grange  Zz. Top  03:17  
58.Stratocaster`s Shuffle  Chris Arnold  02:03  
59.Behind Blue Eyes  Limp Bizkit  04:35  
60.Bat I Never Saw The Good  Chris Arnold  03:32  
61.Keep On Running  Specer Davis Grup  03:07  
62.Night In White Satin  Moody Blues  04:40  
63.Sunny Afternoon  Kinks  03:49  
64.You Really Got Me  Kinks  02:32  
65.The Groove On  Chris Arnold  04:42  
66.Like Rolling Stones  Rolling Stones  05:58  
67.Abracadabra  Steev Miller Band  03:40  
68.Backer Street  Gerry Rafferty  04:36  
69.Ewil Ways  Santana  04.01  
70.Doctor Doctor  Ufo  05:10  
71.Jin-Go-Lo-Ba  Santana  04:26  
72.Brothers In Arms  Dire Straits  05:13  
73.Jessca  Allman Brother Band  05:12  
74.Dock Of The Bay  Otis Redding  02:49  
75.Machine Gun  Commodores  02:53  
76.Oye Como Va  Santana  04:43  
77.The House Of The Rising Sun  Animels  04:32  
78.One Day  Gary Moore  04:10  
79.Samba Pa Ti  Santana  04:39  
80.Mony For Nothing  Dire Straits  08:13  
81.Lonesome Loser  Little River Band  04:06  
82.Black Is Black  LOs Bravos  03:00  
83.Still Got The Blues  Gary Moore  04:32  
84.Dandy  Kinks  02:27  
85.Stormy Monday Blues  Allman Brother Band  06:49  
86.Apche  Shadows  03:02  
87.Earth Song  Michael Jackson  06.54  
88.Moonlight In The City  Chris Arnold  03:24  

Dieses Programm ist geeignet für folgende Eventarten: Club (Independant), Club (kommerziell), Festival, Firmen Jubiläum, Geburtstag, Hauskonzert, Kundenveranstaltung, Open Air, Solo Konzert, Stadtfest, Stadtjubiläum, Straßenfest, Sylvester

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